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We have been professionally installing epoxy floors of all types in the NJ, NY and PA markets for over 20 years. From Decorative Chip floors, Quartz floors, Solid Colored Epoxy Floors, Concrete Sealers, Waterproofing Membranes, etc. We do not subscribe to the one size fits all theory that some epoxy floor installers who only work with one supplier or type of product do. We are certified epoxy floor installers for several manufacturers and feel we can find the best solution depending on you situation, use of floor, and needs. No two floors are alike and each customer has different needs and reasons for coating their floors. Call us today and we will come out and evaluate your specific floor and recommend the best options for you. Have a Blessed Day!

Paragon Honda, NYYou can reach us at 908-925-6555 and by fax at 908-925-9697. We are looking forward to hearing from you. You can also contact us at our e-mail address: steverada@verizon.net

Over the years we at EMR Epoxy floors have worked with many clients and their designers or architects to create floors with a flair. We try to offer our clients something a little different in design so it matches their unique business or personality without creating the added expense of custom design work that others charge for. We work directly with you to give you a floor that is not only durable and functional but is a little different than what everybody else is doing. Most color chip blends are pretty basic and similar from company to company. We like to add something extra to create a unique blend that is not so ordinary(Boring). Many of our customers have come to us after seeing a floor we have done for someone else and told us we want that same floor. Don't change a thing. Usually we can oblige but some of our custom floors are one of a kind and cannot be duplicated due to differences in concrete and other factors beyond our control.

In brief, you should know the following about us: our company has been installing epoxy floors and coatings since 1998 and has been responsible for providing customized solutions for our clients ever since. Our specialty is in the area of providing our clients with a reasonable, cost effective and very durable seamless epoxy floor to meet their needs. Our regular customers particularly value that we work with them to come up with a customized epoxy floor system for their particular needs whether it be a simple sealer to keep dust down and protect the concrete or decorative epoxy for a showroom like finish. Our business is located in Linden, NJ and we serve the NJ, NY and PA markets.

Concrete floor coatings are recommended for:

Ø       light manufacturing areas and assembly

Ø       food process areas

Ø       car dealer service area

Ø       breweries

Ø       cafeterias

Ø       commercial kitchens

Ø       distillers

Ø       laboratories

Ø       clean rooms

Ø       pedestrian and parking decks

Ø       hallways & walkways

Ø       recreational areas

Ø       locker rooms

Ø       warehouses

Ø       loading docks

We have been installing seamless epoxy floors for over 20 years. We cater to our clients and offer them epoxy floor systems that are right for them and their budget. From decorative vinyl chip epoxy floors and colored quartz epoxy floor systems to solid colored epoxy floor systems. We evaluate your need based on your requirements. We are certified installers for several national epoxy companies such as Dur-A-Flex, Benjamin Moore, Coranado, Insl-x, and National Polymers giving us an advantage on choosing the right system for you at the best price.

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Auto Dealerships, Aircraft hangers, Animal housing, Battery charging areas, Beverage plants, Breweries, Chemical processing, Clean rooms, Correctional facilities, Dairies, Food processing, Laboratories, Loading docks, Locker rooms, Meat & poultry plants, Pickling and plating rooms, Ramps, Refineries, Showers, Textile plants, Traffic aisles, Waste treatment plants,